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ctyler 11-23-2004 11:16 PM

SSH and Ask-pass under gnome
Here is my situation... I have OpenSSH installed and working fine all I want to do is have gnome-ssh-askpass prompt for the passphrase after I login to gnome.

How (exact commands and/or syntax please) do I do this. Googled askpass howto and found squat. If there is a link on how to acomplish this that will work as well.

Do I need to have ssh-agent start and then have askpass put the passphrase into ssh-add? Any help would be appreciated.

ctyler 11-24-2004 12:33 AM

Nevermind.. I got it..

wrote a batch file...


ssh-add < /usr/libexec/openssh/gnome-ssh-askpass

Made it executable (chmod +x <filename>) and then added to sessions on the 'Gnome -> Preferences -> More Prefrences -> Sessions'
Works like a charm...

Also found a little howto at under Howto's.

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