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fenris@bu 05-24-2001 10:56 AM

The box I am currently working on is using ssh 1.2.31 and ssh 2.0.13. The machine is set so that when you logon, you authenticate through a university kerberos server...when I use ssh1, I authenticate through this, it seems to use the /etc/login.conf file. When I use ssh2, I have to use my local password to get there any way to fix this?

raz 05-24-2001 12:14 PM


Check out this url to help:


fenris@bu 05-24-2001 12:21 PM

my real issue is that when I change /etc/security/login.cfg, it changes how ssh1 authenticates, but not how ssh2 does it. Also, ssh2 seems to bypass expired passwords, and accounts that have been locked due to failed login attempts.

unSpawn 05-24-2001 01:12 PM

what does sshd2's daemon config say at AllowedAuthentications and RequiredAuthentications

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