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tranceash 09-18-2006 07:35 AM

Shorewall configuration help required
I have 2 dsl connections each connected to 2 different routers and and both the routers are connected to a switch , the second dsl connection was added recently, I have a linux firewall which uses shorewall which is also connected to the switch at and the lan interface which is conneted to ay internal switch at The users on the lan where using the as thier gateway and dns. I have masq lan interface to the net interface on and also forwarded dns request to the internet to router
Now I want my users to use the for web browsing and I have installed a proxy server at and connected it to the switch. On the firewall I have set a rule
DNAT loc:eth1: net: tcp 80 - !

I cant browse any websites as an when I type the address the status shows done

Can any one guide me !!! Also how can I forward request to that 2 router without a proxy server.

filex 09-19-2006 10:27 PM

Can you post your error log in your log files?

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