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wincrk 03-14-2003 04:34 AM

shadow password
hi, my question is how could i know iether my system is using the normal password or the shadow password?

and if i am not suing the shadow password, how could i turn on the shadow password?

acid_kewpie 03-14-2003 05:00 AM

look in /etc/passwd. if your entries are like this:

with that x there, then you are on a shadowed system. if it's not installed afaik it is loaded with the PAM modules (go RAS!)

unSpawn 03-14-2003 02:04 PM

how could i turn on the shadow password?
Use "pwconv".

wincrk 03-16-2003 09:07 PM

one more thing, about the shadow password.... if i'm not mistaken, what it's mean by shadow password is that the file that containt the password will be store somewhere else instead of normal place, but why it's fixed /etc/shadow ? what is the different from the normal one?

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