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Bryan88 01-31-2012 07:10 PM

Secure erase/format for U320 SCSI server drives
I've got a bunch of functioning server HDD's:
U320 SCSI hot-swappable type (multiple OEM manufacturers), that I would like to reprovision into another server or recycle.

I need to wipe them well either way. They likely have proprietary business data, but not data requiring certification of wiping.

What is the best practice for wiping SCSI server drives?

For PATA/SATA drives, I usually use the secure erase hardware commands within hdparm, followed by a pass of a block wiping program.

Is there an equivalent for SCSI U320 disks?
What about a sg_format, followed by block overwriting?

I know there is a hardware SCSI eraser for $4 grand, but I don't have THAT many to do.

kbp 01-31-2012 07:59 PM

I'd just create a raid0 set and use wipe against the device

jefro 01-31-2012 08:19 PM

Don't take a bulk eraser to a scsi. It will never work again.

There are a few common cleaning choices. None make a distinction between the type of drive. They will all be accessed in scsi emulation mode. Just hook up as many as you can and nuke them all at the same time.

Bryan88 02-01-2012 04:07 PM

Thanks for the info about bulk erasers.

Is it common to issue a sg_format command on the drive anymore
or just use 'dd' or high level utility over-writes?

Noway2 02-02-2012 09:34 AM

With magnetic drives normally writing the partitions over with zeros is sufficient to render the stored information permanently deleted, to where it would take forensic equipment beyond all but the most dedicated and well funded to retrieve (meaning along the lines of the FBI and beyond a normal person). I would just use DD. Erase all the files on the drive, create a dummy file, and fill it with zeros and let the drive fill up.

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