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fazdoo 07-21-2003 07:40 PM

ROOT Login display in Mandrake 9.1?
Hi all,

Really dumb question. I would like to display ROOT on the user login screen used in Mandrake 9.1.

Now before you jump all over me about "thats not to smart security wise", give me a chance to explain.

I'm trying to get to light speed on Mandrake 9.1. Right now I login as a user and in terminal mode I type "su", root's password,
and then drakconf.

Mandrake does have some slick features. Forgive me for saying this, but I'm and M.C.S.E. and Windows is what I'm used to networking with. So any of you Mandrake Aficionados with a flair
please help me out on this and "ignore" the "security" risk.

It's a home network with a couple of boxes, dual boots on each, running WNT4.5, W2K, W2k+3, Mandrake9.1, Red Hat 6.2.

I just don't want to use the command line in terminal mode whens its unnecessary. Saves keystrokes.

Thanx for any help,

Fazdoo :Pengy:

ovf 07-21-2003 08:01 PM

You can't log in as root? If there's a username displayed try to delete it and enter root. Are you using a desktop manager like gnome or kde? They usually have a way to set a default user.

Lim45 07-21-2003 08:14 PM

Open the KDE Control Center, go to System > Login Manager > Users.
Uncheck "root " in the list of hidden users.

If you're using KDE, of course..;)

fazdoo 07-22-2003 06:00 AM

Thanx, Appreciate the help.


Proud 07-22-2003 02:00 PM

The default Display Manager/gui login is MdkDM, which takes its configuration from KDE's KDM. You can either as stated change the KDE KDM options, or install KDM and switch to using it via the MCC->Hardware. Then you will have a username entry field where you can type root without having it as a selectable username. :)

fazdoo 07-22-2003 03:08 PM

Thanx, Appreciated.

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