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MahsanS 09-28-2005 06:23 AM

Rights to create Directory
I have mounted a local drive (raid 0) on RedHat 9 and give the permission to rwx & its was working properly but from 27 Sep 05 its not working properly, when I write something on it either locally or through network its gives me an error like "could not make directory" or permission error. When I reboot the system it works for few minutes after that it generates same error.
I have done the remounting of that drive but its not resolve my issue.

Kindly someone .....

T in A


Simon Bridge 09-28-2005 06:44 AM

check the permissions for the mountpoint with ls -l (or right-click > properties > permissions)

What was the last thing (or three) you did with your system before this behavior started? Is it repeatable every time or just every now and again?

You know the RH9 is depreciated don't you?

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