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RedCamel 03-14-2005 03:16 AM

Proxy Server - Squid, Samba, Dansguardian
I have been trying to learn more about Linux proxy servers and web filtering. Iím trying to set up a proxy server for both a local high school and a charity, so I figured that since they both need a solution this would be a great time to learn. Both places use a Microsoft Active Directory Domain. They would like to be able to require the users in a certain groups or OUís to be required to enter a password into their web browser before letting them access the internet. I know I need to set up Samba 3, Squid, and Dansguardian. I tried to read up on Dansguardian, but the site is terribly slow and times out most of the time for me. Does any one have any good reading, reference, or how-to materials??? As so what Linux distro do you recommend? I thought smoothwall express 2.0 could be a cool choice, but with adding Dansguardian and Samba it is looking a little over my head

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