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sankeny 09-01-2004 05:29 PM

Problems with 'racoon' and certificates ...
I am trying to use 'racoon' to make IPSec connections between various Windows clients and a SuSE 9.1 server.

Apache2, OpenSSL and Racoon are installed correctly, as far as I can tell. I accepted the SuSE configuration of all of these and have done little more than change my DocumentRoot.

UDP:500 is listening and not blocked by the firewall.

I have created certificates both with and without a certificate authority, but I am not sure where to place them and/or how to use them afterwards. I would like a good, clear tutorial on how to create and manage certificates and what to do with them when you are done, especially in light of 'racoon.'

Between all of the different versions of how to create certificates there's a fair amount of confusion.

I can't understand why there is not a better certification management tool or a better way of managing OpenSSL Maybe I am overlooking the obvious.

The confusion comes from not knowing what to do with the certs once they are created ... where to point the server, where to copy the certs, etc.

And, to make matters worse, 'racoon' seems to want one directory while Apache obviously has its own at '/etc/apache2/ssl.crt'

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on certs? Or, better yet, make some suggestions about configuring and using 'racoon?'

kernel 2.6.5-7
ipsec-tools 0.3.3
openssl 0.9.7d
apache 2.0.49
php 4.3.4
mysql 4.0.18


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