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fretbrner 08-05-2005 08:50 AM

Portable security box
I have a work laptop running slack10, and I would like to set it up as a portable security scanner. I am most familiar with win software such as Iris and retina. and some GFI software. I would like to do this with my laptop. Go in scan my network from any location.

As I am getting more and more into linux, I would rather use this than retina. Mostly, for the cost. I like retina as a scanner. I know about nessus, and nmap. Is there anything else I could throw on the laptop do solidify and lockdown my network from "evil doers!!" Thanks GW for that quote!!!!

gnukish 08-05-2005 09:18 AM

Nessus is a good alternative with better plugins. But whatever said eeye has a edge with it's retina software. There is a distro called phlak which u might want to try instead of a slack box. For more info goto

fretbrner 08-05-2005 09:32 AM

Downloading right now. It looks like a live cd. Which is good, now I dont have to reformat the laptop, or dual boot.

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