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Ollie46 07-22-2004 10:54 PM

Package selections for Server Install (Mandrake & Fedora)
Does anyone know of any docs, sites, or other resources that layout a set list of server oriented package selections during an install of Mandrake or Fedora linux server that go beyond what is preset for a server install?

What I want to do is slim down the default selections that come with these distribution's "server" selections. These default settings tend to install a lot of extras that I personally feel should be left off a server.

I have done a lot of playing with manual package selections during the install but have found that automatic dependency checks usually end up putting back half the stuff I want removed.

I have also thought about just doing a completely minimal install and doing all the installs that I want on my server after the fact, but usually get blasted by the dependency hell that accompanies such a task. Possibly, this could be alleviated by using 'urpmi' or 'yum' to handle dependencies.

Am I being over zealous in my server management or is there a need to iron out a more basic server install? I encourage all of you to provide your opinions.

John Oliver

BIACS 07-23-2004 09:41 AM

What I usually do is allow the packages to install what they require and then just change the service settings to disable for those services I don't want running.

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