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Jim Miller 04-15-2002 08:00 PM

OT? -- Find all domains registered by a person?
Apologies if this is somewhat off-topic, but I'm guessing someone on this forum might know the answer:

Is there any way to use WHOIS or some other tool to find every domain registered to a person, either through their NIC handle or IP address or something else? I'm pretty sure this used to be possible, but I'm having trouble figuring out how. Is there a way to issue the Linux whois command so that it will return, for instance, every domain whose administrative contact is the handle JS12345?


unSpawn 04-17-2002 01:56 AM

I don't know if "whois -h servername handle JS(something)" will work, ifnot then online this should be possible, like Geektools/Samspade or any domain registrar's whois form. Maybe try the rfc, cuz it says smptin bout prefixing a string with either exclamation mark or period for text strings IIRC.

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