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sucram2g 03-17-2006 02:32 AM

nmap scan
Hi Group,

I have a quick question; I installed a multihomed linux box as a router between two ethernet Networks.
I also configured a firewall to allow only acces to ports 22 53 on eth0 and allow access to ports 53 80 81 445 5902 on eth1.
When i run an nmap scan on eth0 and eth1 I find the same list of open ports.

When I port scan the linux router from any other computer from either Network segment it shows me that only the configured ports are open ;-)

I would like to know why I get differnt nmap results when scanning eth0 or eth1 on the router from the router itself, as when i am scanning the router interfaces from other hosts.


Brian1 03-17-2006 06:24 PM

You are scanning from the machine itself and does not require going through the iptables since it figures it is a trusted network.

sucram2g 03-18-2006 02:21 AM

Thanx for answer

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