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outburst 12-15-2003 06:40 AM

MNF authentication failure
Hello everybody,
I have a big problem with MNF.
All created users account can login locally by console, but they can't log in from remote station by proxy authentication.
I can see the following error in auth.log or messages about pam authentication:

proxy squid(pam_unix)........
uid=23 (23 is squid account)
authentication failure for user:user1

Naturally, user1 has been created in the MNF box with command:

adduser user1

and set password with passwd, all made as root.

If I log in at the console, the session is opened normally. Another strange behaviour is that I can log in with some users and others not. Another day with someone else if I change their password.

I thought it was a PAM authentication problem after I saw squid and system-auth files in /etc/pam.d directory, but login file has system-auth as service and it works.

I spent 2 days without any good result.

Please, if you have had the same problem, give me the solution.

Thanks in advance.

unSpawn 12-18-2003 10:53 AM

I haven't got any idea, but if it's PAM related, be sure to add the "debug" statements where appropriate. More to log, but also more chance of finding something.

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