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ApachePadowan 04-04-2006 10:41 PM

Mailer Daemon issue
Hello all...

I have a qmail server running w/o relay (default). I sent an e-mail to someone and I mistyped the address. As normal I got a failure response due to the e-mail account does not exist.

What concerns me is that in the "To:" field the failure response came from ""@mail.[mydomain].com...

I have been around enough to know that the should NOT be part of this domain. I have checked my server to ensure it is not an open relay, which I'm glad to say seems not to be.

However, I'm concerned that someone has compromised my server and got around Qmail's open relay block. Second, I would like to know which file I need to edit to remove this richard fella for good.

Any assistance from you would be greatly appreciated.

ApachePadowan 04-05-2006 01:56 AM


Never MIND!!! Figured it out on my own... But to those who may have something like this happen to you, here is the solution:

It's the 'bouncefrom' file in /var/qmail/controls (or wherever you have qmail installed, but it is in the controls folder). This sets the name that will appear before your domain whenever a message is bounced. By default, Q-Mail sets it to MAILER-DAEMON. I had changed it to that richardg name cuz, like a newb, thought this file meant the server would bounce messages coming from this address.

Boy, do I feel silly! :D :D :D

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