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clickit999 09-19-2004 09:20 AM

Lost Password file when user deleted
I set up a test user in htpassword and then deleted that user.
htpassword was not recognised as a valid file so I deleted it figuring that it was now just a standard text file <blush>

How do I set up a replacement htpassword file please ?
Sorry - it's such a newbie question ... but I tried searching this site and others for hours without luck before I plucked up the courage to be so publicly ignorant <g>.

I really need to use htpassword and not htpasswd as another company has this as their entry to my system or I'd just have

320mb 09-19-2004 11:02 AM

is there an htpasswd file there??

if so just copy and re-name it to...........htpassword

goofing around as root can be "deadly"..........never delete anything until you know exactly what it does or doesn't do or what it is used for...........

clickit999 09-19-2004 11:12 AM

Lost Password file when user deleted
Thanks for that ... I'll do just that !

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