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tarheel92x 04-26-2004 06:09 PM

limit browser to one website
I am setting up some kiosk pc's and would like to know the best way to limit the user to one website throught the browser.

I dont know if this is possible but I was wondering if i could set a group of pc's on a single subnet so that all dns requests be redirected to a set IP address on the Internet. The problem is, is that the website has links in it that I do not want users accessing.

I thought I would put an entry in my dns, then using iptables, force all requests from x.x.x.x subnet to the address I want them to go to. Is this reasonable, and/or possible?

The other idea was to set up Squid to deny access to anything but that one website. I am looking over the squid.conf file and I am overwhelmed at all the options. Can someone give me a quick reference on limiting access to only one site using Squid? It seems easy enough but I am not sure I know where to begin.

KIOSK SERVER (rough specs, not final)
Redhat 9.0

Thanks in advance.


david_ross 04-26-2004 06:19 PM

I'm actually setting up a kiosk system at work just now but it is designed to be even more basic and I'm just using a cut down version of dillo in the root window. Currently running fine on a P133 with 16MB RAM. I may have need for a splightly more advanced system soon which is likely to run a cut down version of firebird and Windowlab for a window manager.

The first system I'm doing will be limited to one site too and although there are no URL entry options and no external links I'm still going to use iptables to secure the system and prevent it from accessing other websites.

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