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C0NIk 12-21-2004 02:39 PM

KDE Security Advisory: Konqueror Java Vulnerability
when i was searching for a new ver of KDE i found this @ KDE Security link

KDE Security Advisory: Konqueror Java Vulnerability
Original Release Date: 2004-12-20

0. References

1. Systems affected:

All versions of KDE up to KDE 3.3.1 inclusive. KDE 3.3.2 is not

2. Overview:

Two flaws in the Konqueror webbrowser make it possible to by pass
the sandbox environment which is used to run Java-applets.
One flaw allows access to restricted Java classes via JavaScript,
making it possible to escalate the privileges of the Java-applet.
The other problem is that Konqueror fails to correctly restrict
access to certain Java classes from the Java-applet itself.

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (
has assigned the name CAN-2004-1145 to this issue.

3. Impact:

When a user has Java enabled in Konqueror and visits a malicious
website, the website can run a Java-applet and obtain escalated
privileges allowing reading and writing of arbitrary files with
the privileges of the user.

4. Solution:

Upgrade to KDE 3.3.2

A backport has been made available for older versions which fixes
this vulnerability. Contact your OS vendor / binary package provider
for information about how to obtain updated binary packages.

5. Patch:

For KDE 3.2.3 a backport of the new Java handling is available from :

7fc001d010c640738ed7d2fe347f002d post-3.2.3-kdelibs-khtml-java.tar.bz2

6. Time line and credits:

24/11/2004 contacted by heise Security
29/11/2004 Fixed in KDE CVS by Koos Vriezen
14/12/2004 Backport for KDE 3.2.3
20/12/2004 KDE Advisory released

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