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Kinstonian 04-03-2002 11:20 PM

Iptables ruleset
I want to use this ruleset as the base for mine. All i want to do is block everything and add rules as i need them. I just need to be able to surf the net and get on irc & ftps for now. What i don't understand about that ruleset is last 3 rules "-j firewall" stuff. What does that do, why isn't it -j DROP or REJECT? I searched here for it but couldn't find anything about that. I am also using NAT.. Any help would be appriciated.

peter_robb 04-04-2002 02:58 AM

Those last 3 entries refer to a "chain" called firewall.
This was created a few lines back as
#Set up the firewall chain
This chain logs and drops everything that doesn't match previous rules. If it gets to the last 3 entries, it is not wanted.
Basically, this script does what the intro to it says.
Add lines to ACCEPT protocols/packets.
Oskar's script is written in a very different way from this one. You will need to draw yourself a network picture then see which way you want to go.

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