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makix 09-21-2007 02:27 AM

Iptables Gui Development-Suggestions
Hi i'm working on an iptables web gui project,my aim is to make iptables more user friendly and more useful as possible.

For now the project adds,edits,deletes,logs rules shortly it does all the things that the commandline tool does. But i want to add more options to it. Like some dos preventions and etc. Therefore i want your suggestions about my project ,what do you want to see in a iptables (firewall gui)?

Thanks for now..:Pengy:

MS3FGX 09-21-2007 08:49 AM

Beyond pre-made rulesets (of which the concept does not particularly thrill me, you should really understand your own iptables rules rather than copying someone else's), I can't imagine what other features you could try and pack in.

What does your project offer that is not already available in other iptable GUIs?

makix 09-21-2007 05:15 PM

Actually that is my question :) What will be good to add to an iptables gui?

I think to add some options like creating DMZ,some prevention actions according to logs like blocking ip,maybe some dos preventions.

What else ?

unSpawn 09-21-2007 06:12 PM

If I would want an iptables frontend then for it to be useful I'd like it to be iptables version agnostic, be able to understand all standard and POM modules and options, have basic intelligence (like a -j LOG after a -j DROP doesn't compute), do traffic shaping, allow for easy incorporation of blacklists like for instance Dshield, be accessable for Nagios or SNMP-based monitoring, have persistent data storage, and have log parsing (like had) for debugging and alerting purposes.

BTW, is the source for this project publicly available?

Also this is not really a Linux Security related question so I'll be moving this to say Linux Networking or Linux General RSN.

makix 09-22-2007 05:25 AM

Thanks for your detailed answer unSpawn. I add them to my TODO list. The project is private for now but i think to add it to so after i got a stable version i will make it public.;)

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