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Snake007uk 09-24-2002 02:10 PM

ipsec vpn
i need to create a vpn using ipsec tunnel so i can use a draytek router on side and the other i can have a linux box running a ipsec tunnel for vpn

i have tried to install freeswan but i cant find any documentation on how to do this :(

is there an easy way to set this up ???

or can anyone point me to somewher i can actually download it and get proper doumentation PLEASE HELP THIS IS URGENT!!!!


Snake007uk 09-24-2002 05:24 PM

let me give a bitmoreexplanation of what i want to do.

this i the setup

Linux server---> Vigor Draytek 2600 router-->Internet<-----Router----Linux Box

ok both linux boxes are running redhat 7.3 (sorry actually one of them is running e-smith, but im gona remove that, so that wont matter)

so now the problem, the Vigor draytek router does do vpn via ipsec tunel etc.. and others and protocols,morecan be found at about the router.

so now the other side only has aplain router, so i need to either get the linux box to setup ipsec tunnel so i can vpn, connect via the draytek router, i thought i couldover come this by running this software on both linux boxes but the problem is although i have static ips on both routers take this ip and although the rest of the network connect to the server to go to the net , i was wondering could this work ???

hope the diagram helps

network ----> server(running VPN)--> router with static ip--->Internet<---router with static ip<-----server (running VPN)---Network

is this possible ??

please note the the server will have a dynamic ip of where the router has an INTERNAL ip of and this is the samefor both sides, but the external ip's are only given to the router for obvious reasons, so how can i overcome this,FREE software is a priority, and easy of installation or atleast staright forward documentaion, i would not consider my sefl a linux newbie, but i have tried to install, freeswan with no luck, and openVPN looks promising, but it would be nice to use it.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP (in advance!!!)


PcHammer 09-25-2002 08:47 AM


I have been using FreesWan to create my VPN IPsec con, so if i can help in any way just msg me. Aha and the documetation is on FreesWan website.

I have instaled it on SlackWare distro.

regards, PcHammer

Misel 09-26-2003 03:29 AM


Originally posted by PcHammer
I have instaled it on SlackWare distro.

Bluesuperman 10-06-2003 11:23 PM


I can not get FreeSwan to compile on Slackware since 1.98. Now no matter what I do I get errors when the make oldgo tries to comiple the utilites in the testing dir.

I have tried fresh kernel source dir's, lastest freeswan builds. Removing the checks.

Still no luck :(


ks47 10-30-2010 01:20 AM

Hii Snake,
I have exactly the same scenario. So please if you have got some solution then tell me. PLZ ITS URGENT...

Thanks & Regards
Kuldeep Sharma

win32sux 10-30-2010 03:43 PM

ks47, please don't resurrect dead threads. Start your own thread and feel free to use reference links to dead threads like this one if need be. Help us keep LQSEC as zombie-free as possible.

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