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Jykke 07-15-2006 08:26 AM

I am getting: Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display : for remote X
I have another machine with Gentoo on it. I am trying to connect to it with rlogin (or ssh or whatever) from 64bit Ubuntu machine.

I get "Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display :"

I have given xhost + on the Ubuntu machine and I
gave export DISPLAY=ip.of.ubuntu.machine:0.0 in Gentoo
yet I get the error message.

I don't think the problem is on the Gentoo box since I am able to login into this one from windows and I can do X-tunneling with PuTTy or directly use Exceed.

I assume the problem is on Ubuntu but where?

kaz2100 07-15-2006 11:51 AM

Hi, I think for security reasons, most of X clients on the penguins do not accept displays open.


and if nolisten tcp exits, comment out.

Other solution is, make ssh X11 translucent. read


In this case, you have to modify shell environment DISPLAY as accordingly.

rajayoganand 05-17-2007 06:04 AM

Putty:- "Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display :"

Just you need to create a launcher. I have edited menu of KDE 3.5 to add a menu Item that pointing to /usr/bin/putty.

Just click the menu It will successfully launch putty.

Thanks for your time.

Rajesh A.

trungnt_hut 05-17-2007 06:48 AM

you can try :

$ssh -X user@host

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