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eje4 08-11-2005 08:50 AM

How to download security patches for 10.0?
Help! I have a Mandrake Linux 10.0 machine on my hands that needs to have all the security patches downloaded and installed from the Madriva website. Unfortunately Mandrake update does not work for this, presumably because the name of the website has changed from Mandrake to Mandriva. I have not been able to find a way around this problem. Is there any way for Linux 10.0 users to update their systems with the latest patches? Or do we have to upgrade to 10.1 in order to be able to download patches from the Madriva website? Thanks...

Eric 08-11-2005 08:59 PM

The only thing you have to do is the configuration of the sources. Go to Online Media Source Configuration For Mandrivalinux and make the configuration.
If you need more information, read this How to or ask here.

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