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arthur42dent 02-13-2008 05:30 PM

How do I change permissions for a folder on an NTFS filesystem?
By setting up folder permissions on Windows XP Pro I can make sure that only I have access to my folder that I keep on my slave IDE NTFS drive whether it is being accessed locally or via my wireless network with my ibook (OS X Panther). In essence it is impossible to access the folder with out logging in with my user name and pass word at some point. I dual boot into Linux (Ubuntu Gusty). When logged into Ubuntu any user (there are 3 not including root) can mount the NTFS slave drive and access any file or folder. also when the server is booted into Linux any one can access the folder via the ibook (because I am currently sharing that folder from Linux and Windows). I cannot change the permissions of the folder to allow only one user (me) to see or change the contents of this folder in Ubuntu. I believe I cannot do this because the Drive it is on is NTFS because I can edit permissions for folders on the Linux partition on the master drive. My question obviously is; How can I edit the folder permissions on an NTFS formated drive using Linux?

Thank you for any help

jschiwal 02-13-2008 05:50 PM

You determine the permissions on an NTFS partition in the mount command itself. If you want to allow anyone to be able to access the partition, you can use the "dmask" & "fmask" options to allow "others" access. Even if you do that, you can control who has access to the samba share in the smb.conf setup. You could also create a group and add users to the group who will be allowed access. This will also allow you to control access by users who have ssh access to the Linux computer.

arthur42dent 02-13-2008 08:51 PM

Thank you jschiwal for your quick reply. I am very computer literate but I am a linux newbie and the command line is new to me. I have edited the fstab so my slave drive (volume label 'Data') mounts automatically (at startup). Perhaps you or someone can elaborate on how I can use the "dmask" & "fmask" commads and how I can configure samba?

arthur42dent 02-15-2008 08:14 PM

Please help
Hey guys please help.

I would very much like to have my slave ntfs drive automount but with unrestricted access to some folders and tight security on others. so that User A sees "Folder1" "Folder2" and "User A's Folder" while User B sees "Floder1" "Folder2" and "User B's Folder". I want some folders to deny both write AND READ options to other users. I would like these permissions to spill over to samba as well so that the user must enter their Linux username and password to gain read and write access to there folder remotely (whether by windows or Mac OS X from a laptop).

any detailed help for editing fstab, changing user or group settings, or configuring samba would be greatly appreciated.

am I asking the impossible? I'd like to know that too.

Thanks in advance.

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