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linux_latino 10-14-2003 07:36 PM

Help a newbie who wants to learn ... please
Haylo everyone

im a newbie - deadset, i got minimal clues on everything linux except the regular day to day stuff, i want to have a smoothwall server playing the part of firewall - i dloaed the iso - installed - no sweat

I cannot get into a gui tho - and this is where i am certain that the config for firewall happens coz i seen screen dumps of smoothie before , i am assuming that this happens when u log in as "admin"?

now that problem - i can not log into the system as admin - no matter what i change the password to - i kno that ur tihnking "dipsh!t , prolly doesnt know how to change ur password" - i do and have ... about 30 times so far .. no go .. i reinstalled it 3 times to the same effect.

i want to be able to access the GUI and cannot :( this makes me a sad panda .. i have put this hDD in a friggin p4 1.6 64MB vid card 512 RAM box to make sure that no hardware issues where the cause of my inablity to enter the gui

i need help but mo to the case i want to learn - if anyone can help me it wud be very good ...

PLEASE help me to love linux liek you all do

dos1 10-14-2003 08:11 PM


I'm pretty sure that smoothwall doesn't have a gui (I haven't used it though so can't be sure) and the screen dumps would have been of the webbased admin service it has (so you configure it via a networked PC through a webbrowser). I'm at work and pretty busy but if you have no luck tonight I'll post up a link or two to some setup howtos.

flashtek_uk 10-15-2003 08:35 AM

smoothwalls interface is accessable by opening a web browser connection to the smoothwall via http://<smoothwallip>:81 replace <smoothwallip> with the smoothwall's ip (didn't expect that did you ?)

All will become clear when you see that...

If you have any further questions please feel free to post back or (if you can) connect to and join the #GPLSupport channel, You may see me there.. I am "Flash"


underling 10-17-2003 01:13 PM

Yeah, what they said about the GUI. Tis web based.

There is an interface that is accessable from the CLI on the box but it doesn't have all the nice eye-candy of the web GUI and doesn't offer all the options of the web GUI.

You can't log in as admin on the box, that account is purely for web administration (I think). When logging on the smoothie box use the root account and then type "setup" to get basic setup options.

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