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vermaamitabh 11-02-2004 06:17 AM

firewall cant make me secure!!help
I have installed firestarter firewall on debian PC with NAT to share my ADSL connection. I use this machine as internet gateway for windowsXP PCs network. I was hoping that NAT will secure my network anyhow but a firewall will be best to secure it to full extent.
I looked many firewall tools based on iptables and chose firestarter as it has quite good GUI and easy to use. Direct IPtables script is quite confusing and error-pron for me.
I can see many messages on firestarter regarding hits from external sources and can allow and disallow. To check wether my interanet PC's are secure , i just installed kerio personal firewall on one windows PC to see, if some packets bypass my firewall or not. I see many incoming internet connections from many sources and my firewall is not showing any hits for these sources.
Can anybody help me to understand, why it is so??? It seems that firewall is doing not proper work!!!!
any other suggested easy to use tools without touching direct script ??

Thanks in advance for ur help
Best Regards

Mara 11-02-2004 08:46 AM

It'd be easiest to look into the generated firewall to check what's going on, but it's also possible to do it without it.

First look at the conections that pass. Please not a number of them. Maybe they're just parts of the connections you want? Nat should have blocked most of the 'alien' ones.

The connection pass the router, so the reason should be in the FORWARD chain. In the configuration tool you use there should be options about forwarding. What are they and how have you set it up?

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