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philfighter 05-14-2001 08:46 PM

how do i install a firewall for my system? i have suse7.0

raz 05-17-2001 04:40 AM

Never used Suse but try this:

Edit the global configuration file /etc/rc.config and change the following lines from "no" to "yes":

This starts Scanlogd and the SuSE firewall on boot.

Now continue with the configuration of the local firewall file /etc/rc.config.d/firewal l.rc.config (a detailed description of the individual variables is included in the file):


philfighter 05-19-2001 06:40 AM

very good, works like a champ...that should keep those evildoers at bay by crackey! thanks

Dallam 05-19-2001 07:26 AM

Try this site out philfighter, here you can add to the SuSE firewall and make it even more secure.


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