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hath 01-31-2002 07:23 AM

Firestarter FW
Anyone that have tried this fw? Seems quite ok to me atleast.
Was thinking about using my P2-133Mhz with RH7.2 (with dhcp server to the NIC to my LAN) and a FTP plus a webserver.
Anyone that has run all if these stuff and gotten pretty good security, AND not lost so much speed when using a computer in the LAN for networking games or whatever?

Just curious about this combo, if not just about firestarter.

acid_kewpie 01-31-2002 07:37 AM

sounds fairly similar to mine.... yeah firestarter seems to work very well. i get a few error messages on boot, but it doesn't seem to cause any problems. suits me fine.

artemis 02-04-2002 09:18 AM

Yes, I use the latest version of Firestarter with Red Hat 7.2 and it works very well as far as I can tell.

Note that Firestarter is only a fw-configuration script and not a fw in itself, it uses ipchains or iptables/netfilter depending on your kernel version (RH 7.2 should use netfilter).


macewan 02-05-2002 09:41 AM

rh7.2 here also.

fire* works fine

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