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rhoekstra 01-26-2005 04:48 AM

Fedora, cyrus imap / sasl, Kerberos, LDAP

Ultimately, I would like to have my user database in LDAP, having Cyrus applications (like cyrus imap and postfix) authenticatie against the ldap server using the saslauthd.

Now with Fedora having cyrus tools and applications per default, I would have thought the implementation would be going smoother than before, but not yet..

It's been a pain in my butt to have this all done, and until now without luck. have read lots of howtos, but they don't fit 100% and somehow I am missing items here and there...

Have you been working on the same and can you help me out?

The problem I have is decisions...

My idea is to have cyrus-imap and postfix authenticate against saslauthd, which in turn uses pam.

pam should be using the ldap server in the system-auth service. this way all my pam services authenticate the users against ldap (no matter ssh, login, imap, whatever).

Is this right? Is this workable?. It would be great to be able to add users in the ldap server not having to add them to the local passwd/shadow files as well.

If any additional info is needed for you to answer but you feel you can help me, please let me know what info to provide to get my issue resolved..

thanks in advance for the help.

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