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dtournas 09-02-2003 04:54 AM

Directory rights
Hello to all!

I want to do something that sounds very easy, but I really need the touch of a professional… To know me better, I should tell you that I have a Samba Server on a PC (named: ‘fileserver’) and some workstations running WinY2K (named: ‘winuser1’, ‘winuser2’ etc…) I also know that I posted sth similar a few days ago but I still have the same problem…

I am trying to give the appropriate rights to the folders so the users, according to who they are, can rwx or r-x etc…

So let’s say that I have this folder shared named: FINANCE and to this folder, I want to give full access (read, write, execute) to a group named: FINANCE_PU (‘pu’ from power users) and some access (read and execute) to a group named: FINANCE_USR (‘usr’ from users). So far, so good: I will make the owner of the folder the FINANCE_PU group and give the access I want to the FINANCE_USR group. Yes, but how? What should the output of the ls –laF be? (drwxr-x---) or sth similar…?

Let’s assume that this is working by making the FINANCE_PU the owner of the folder and the FINANCE_USR the ‘other’ group and I want to have a group that can have access to the FINANCE folder and to all other (imagine that we have a ROOT group) Is this possible? What is this group (wheel or sth?) and who do I put users in it?

That’s all. Thank you for any help!

aqoliveira 09-02-2003 07:23 AM


Well I hope I understood your quetion properly and if so then do the following.

First create group FINANCE_PU and place all users into correct groups.

The files in the folder FINANCE should be owned buy the user and group FINANCE_PU. If files have been created already like this then gr8 if not then use this cmd chgrp FINANCE_PU *, this will change group name to FINANCE_PU .

cd to FINANCE folder
type chmod -R 775 *

this will give FINANCE_PU group rwx perms and all other users only r_x perms to that folder

Hope this is what u looking for

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