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scootz6 03-25-2004 12:35 PM

Directory password protection

I am on a mission, and I hope you can help. I have a web server that is running FreeBSD, Apache, PHP, and MySQL, and I am looking for software or script that will allow me to create passwords to protect each directory on the server. I need to have the ability to create static and dynamic passwords. The static will be used by users internally, and the dynamic to keep external users out.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

Gates1026 03-25-2004 12:44 PM

check out the .htaccess files. You can put one of these with the passwords (a command adds a password to the file, cant remmber what it is though). Every time someone tries to enter that directory it checks the username and password they enter against the .htaccess file to see if they are authorized. Check out apache documentation for more details......I did it once but it has been a long time. Hope this helps :)

scootz6 03-25-2004 02:04 PM

Thank you for your response Gates1026,

but it is not what I am looking for.

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