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explorer1979 03-07-2002 07:30 PM

Choose which one is the correct to patch the system?
Hi all,

I am newbie, here have some questions I want to ask all Linux user.

My RH 7.2 is download from RH's offical FTP, it is 1386 ISO image file. And I install it to my computer.

Now, the questions is, when I go to visit RH's offical web site. discovered that it can let you download the latest patch to fix the software and keneral security hole.

But, here have many choose for me to download, for example, the latest kernel such as i386, i586, i686, Athlon.

My CPU is AMD's Athlon, but my install disc is i386 which download from RH's offical FTP.

Now, if I want to update the kernel to the latest kernel-SMP, may I can choose "Athlon" version not choose the i386 to update my system?

And do other software if it have Athlon version, do I just need choose this one not need care about before I am using i386 version RPM package to install it?

Thank you.

dorward 03-07-2002 08:15 PM

The architecture differences between i386, i586, i686, Athlon are minor, its just a matter of optimisiation.

If you have an Athlon it is perfectly safe to mix Athlon and i386 files.

In the case of the kernel you might like to head over to and read their kernel howto. It will help you build a kernel customised for your machine.

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