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Marley 03-16-2001 04:13 AM

Anyone got a plan of arkeia software for server backups?

bretthoward 03-16-2001 04:26 AM

I remember looking around through all of the backup software a while back and found that one called star was the best for me. (thats pronounced ess-tar) and it to this day is working wonderful! We SMB mounted all of the things to be backed up (we were backing up NT servers to Tape). Once a night it did its backups.

There was one better backup program that looked really nice but our server didnt have X on it (IMHO no server should) and we couldn't use that one.

Please excuse the rambling nature of this message! I've been studying for finals for over 9 hours today!! One can only look at assembly code for so long!!! gets bad when you start typing mov instead of mv to move files!! :)

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