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trax 04-24-2004 06:24 AM

are there any vulns for kernel 2.6.5?
i wondered are there any vulnerabilities for 2.6.5 kernel. I just upgraded and dont want something bad to happen.

trickykid 04-24-2004 09:09 AM

Its the latest and greatest. AFAIK there aren't any, but that doesn't mean there won't be as you never know... ;)

chort 04-24-2004 04:10 PM

You asked the wrong question. The question should be: "are there any known vulnerabilities in ___". You can never categorically deny that there are any vulnerabilities at all, but you can be certain that there aren't any that have been posted to the public.

No software is free of vulnerabilities, it's just a matter of whether they're known (and understood), how many, and how serious.

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