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nikoz 04-02-2004 09:02 PM

any firewall suggestion?
I am setting up a database-driven website and i want to install a firewall in my system.I have suse 8.1 if that helps.Any good stuff apart from smoothwall(its too big to downlooad it with my 56 modem)
Thanx in advance

leonscape 04-02-2004 09:08 PM

Try guarddog.

mhiggins 04-02-2004 09:45 PM

I think smooth wall is an entire distro, are you going to build a second machine and make it a firewall, or are you looking to run a host based firewall ?

If you are going to build another box you may just want to install suse on that one and configure iptables. If
you want a gui there are a number of gui interfaces to iptables.

If you are looking to just use one computer and have a host based firewall you may just want to configure
iptables. If you want there are a number of gui interfaces to iptables.


xerophyte 04-02-2004 11:17 PM

You can try .. its iptables front end ...

If you need good firewall setup I would look into these

Snort +Snortsam + OinkMaster + Iptables

Snort => Analyzise the traffic and alert the snortsam,
Snortsam => Base on the snort alert it block the ip address for certain amount of time period.

Oinkmaster => Its little perl script which update the snort rules

Iptables is linux based firewall, which is pretty decent

hope that helps

nikoz 04-03-2004 06:08 AM

oh yes..
oh yes indeed it seems that my knowledge on security wasn't so good..i havent thought having a second machine as a firewall,it sounds very good idea but since i have only one machine i ll probably do it as host based firewall..thanx all of you..

aqoliveira 04-03-2004 07:26 AM


you may use iptables which is incorprated with your kernel what you can do is download a use friendly interface for it called FWBUILDER.


nikoz 04-03-2004 08:08 AM

As i see iptables has to do with security issues..i didnt know that you can configure iptables to set a firewall.Where can i find a site with a good doccumentation..?
thanx again or the help

mysterio 04-04-2004 08:11 AM has alot of good info.

christopherccv 08-29-2004 11:28 PM

Dear xerophyte.

good to hear that you are prososing a solution that exactly same as i using now.

but i have difficulty to setup the snortsam + iptables.

i have my snort+ACID+oinkmaster running fine.

i also manage to setup snortsam arcording to the documentation on the

event i have started the ./snortsam /etc/snortsam.conf
it show listening to snort but how do i know weather is runing or not?

futher more on the iptables section i don't quite undertand the ssp_iptables.c compilation.

could you please help me on this?

thank you

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