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sulee 01-16-2006 10:57 PM

99% Rejected mail
Hi all,

first of all - have a pleasant day!

running slackware 10.1, postfix, courier-imap
virtual hosting - hosting 7 domains

Now, the trouble:
I have maillogs rotating daily.
They are approx. 20MB per day.

It's one domain receiving loads of mails (which are rejected!) - but put a lot of load on the postfix mail server. Therefor, this is not about spam - it's about madness ;-) The email address look like this:

(where is this domain mentioned on top) There come hundreds, thousands a day. 99% of all mail send to my server have email addresses like this...

I'm using to add multiple rejects to iptables.
I use greylisting. I use all available "reject_" types in postfix.

However, my QUESTIONS are:

1. What is the purpose of this?
(they don't relay / they don't hit my inbox)

2. What do folks sending them _gain_ from this?

3. What could be a more efficient way to stop this?
(it's about the postfix load - means that I'd like to reject
them before they reach the mail server)

Answers to these 3 questions or any hints/advices are most appreciated.


tangle 01-16-2006 11:07 PM

Have you tried to contact the owner of the domain or the ISP that they are coming from? I have resolved the only 3 spam issues I have had this way this way on my mail server. At work I have had some success too using this method.

I personally do not know why people do things that cause other probelms. My guess is they are unhappy people and want others to be unhappy too. Kinda pathetic, but misery loves company.

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