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jeremy 02-08-2016 01:13 PM

MakuluLinux 10 "Xfce" Screencast and Screenshots
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MakuluLinux 10 "Xfce" Screencast


More than 12 months in the making, Makulu 10 Xfce does not disappoint. The focus on this build was specific, Stability, Speed, Social Integration, key features that really make it unique and noticeable. Some core elements and standardized traditional elements were kept in this Edition, however some new features were also introduced. The new Social integration is unmatched in the linux world, no where else can you simply so easily access your preferred social platform in such manner of comfortability.

Featuring :
Kernel : 4.2.xx
Architecture : x64 with x86 support
Desktop Environment : Xfce 4.12.x
Theming : Flavored in a “Charcoal look”
Huge Driver base : Makulu supports many drivers straight out of the box
Huge Language base : Makulu has 357 languages pre-installed.
Great software selection : Makulu has most commonly used software pre installed.
Pre-configured : Many Linux apps are difficult to configure, in Makulu this is already done for end user.
Social integration : Many common social apps are integrated into the Os.

If you are experiencing slow speeds with updates, You can set your update
Server location easily, just fire up the software and sources app and select
your closest server.

When changing Language, Please reboot your machine for the new
Language settings to take effect.

There is a nice variety of themes, controls, window borders Included in this
Edition, Users can now set their desired look and feel in Theme options

PPA Supported out of the box, Altho this build has both debian and ubuntu features
and software, making it a kind of Hybrid, it does fully support the Ubuntu 14.04
PPA feature for adding repositories. It also makes use of the Debian software center
And some Ubuntu software repo’s. In a nutshell, it offers a combination of the best
Of both worlds.

MakuluLinux 10 "Xfce" Screenshots

grcoukell 06-03-2016 01:14 PM

partitioning ease?
I am a little concerned with the ease of putting the Makulu 10xfce OS on my drive. When I loaded Mint it was easy in that it allowed me to choose share a drive with the existent OS or take it all. No partitioning major decisions. A previous youtube video stated that the writer found the process to be the most concerning. Has the process changed over time? Glen

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