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jeremy 09-15-2015 12:54 PM

Live Voyager X2 - Screencast and Screenshots
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Live Voyager X2 Screencast:


Traveling X2 and X2 HD based on Voyager 14.04.05 LTS experimental versions are built around the new office Xfce 4.12 just released for the first time, the core X Stack in kernel with put Xubuntu 14.04.3 . For Voyager X2 HD (HD Hybrid) was simply added the Switch Kwin / xfwm4 which made for a 3D composer to another with a click. Kwin is the basic window manager included with the environment KDE desktop. Xfwm4 is the basic window manager included with Xfce desktop environment. Kwin allows circular effects, workbook, cube ... Kwin Xfwm4 and work very well together and are fluid. Why Kwin, not Compiz? Kwin keeps the control of the office with Xfwm4. Kwin that compiz is less intrusive and easier manager. The X2 will be in 64 bits. There will be no 32-bit X Stack because of not always compatible with the CG for older hardware. Take another Voyager X for 32-bit.

With LTS Enablement Stack, a distribution (X) Ubuntu LTS is no longer limited to the Linux kernel version provided at its output. The date on which it was installed, we will end up with a kernel and the graphical server Xorg newer version. So, a few weeks after the release of a stable version of Ubuntu, its core will be the last version LTS available for download. This will install a distribution (X) Ubuntu LTS benefiting from the support of new hardware integrated into a newer kernel.

Traveling X2 is the result of travel X and X2 Voyager entire structure was recoded to clean, improved the scripts to accommodate the new Xfce 4.12. A version X2 which aims to finally make available the latest enhancements xfce and kernel X Stack for newer machines. Knowing that Xfce 4.12 is finalized but not yet integrated (x) official ubuntu if not by his PPP, these versions will therefore be classified as experimental. X2 Voyager and X2 HD were tested without problems and can settle as for the official Voyager. Xfce 4.12 coupled with the kernel X Stack, traveling becomes more responsive and fast, the most refined settings, the best equipment taken into account. With Voyager X2 HD you can have a more complex 3D composer to choose your Voyager. Congratulations to Xfce and his team and of course (X) ubuntu.

Live Voyager X2 Screenshots:

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