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Archit 07-22-2010 02:22 PM

I am new here, please select me.... :)

tomking 07-22-2010 10:25 PM

Hey whats with the July 14 deadline? I just got the email today July 22nd....and I posted on LQ. Is this a car dealership? Bait and switch? :<(

tomking 07-22-2010 10:27 PM

no pik me
Hey archit it be my turn dog. Take that beggin message down!!!

linuxlover.chaitanya 07-23-2010 01:00 AM

Deadline is over and so is the contest. Please read the thread before posting. Never mind, I aint the winner as well.

Archit 07-23-2010 04:46 AM

hey jerry,
thanks man... for inviting me...

andrius_bartulis 07-24-2010 08:06 AM

I' too late :(

linuxlover.chaitanya 07-24-2010 08:15 AM

You sure are. But never mind. Only three members won out of thousands who were on time. Better luck next time.

bobv 07-26-2010 01:01 PM

I can keep posting if you want me to.

bloodclot465 07-26-2010 09:49 PM

Newbie Post
I really could use this mag to help me on my linux way. Thx

wbf2010 07-27-2010 10:14 AM

Please sign me up
bilfitzenator at gmail dot com

jeremy 08-02-2010 02:35 PM

The LQ decennial draws to a close with an LQ merchandise giveaway:


ravichinchkar 08-27-2010 02:39 AM

Hey, I have posted. I hope I win the subscription.

-Thanks :}

deblo 08-28-2010 12:34 AM

I am not familiar with Linux Pro magazine as I simply haven't seen it around here. Hope I win.


jeremy 08-28-2010 11:16 AM

While I had hoped to leave this thread open for feedback, it's clear some are not willing to read the entire thread to realize that the contest is long over. Thanks again to Linux Pro for doing this. I'm closing this thread.


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