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jeremy 09-03-2013 09:22 AM

The 3.11 Linux Kernel Has Been Released
Summary from kernel newbies:


Summary: This release adds support for a new O_TMPFILE open(2) flag that allows easy creation of secure temporary files, experimental dynamic power management for all Radeon GPUs since r600, preliminary support for NFS 4.2 and SELinux Labeled NFS, experimental support for the Lustre distributed filesystem, detailed tracking of which pages a program writes, ARM huge page support and KVM/Xen support for ARM64, SYSV IPC message queue scalability improvements, a low latency network polling mechanism, a compressed swap cache, new drivers and many small improvements.
Linus' Release announcement from LWN:


As some people noticed, I got distracted ("Ooh, look, a squirrel..")
and never wrote an announcement for -rc7. My bad. But it wasn't
actually all that interesting a release apart from the date, and it
had a silly compile error in ohci-pci if you hadn't enabled
CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME, so we'll just forget -rc7 ever happened, ok?
Instead, go and get the real 3.11 release, which is out there, all
shiny and ready to be compiled and loved.

Since rc7 (ok, I lied, it happened) there's been just small fixes.
Most of them came in from the networking tree, but there's some all
over: some random filesystem fixes, a couple of sound fixes, a
/proc/timer_list fix, things like that. Nothing really stands out
(unless you happened to use the new soft-dirty code, that had a buglet
that could really hurt), but let's hope we don't have some silly
configuration that doesn't even compile this time around.

Shortlog appended.


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