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jeremy 05-28-2013 01:13 PM

Results of the Debian systemd survey

Results of the Debian systemd survey (2013-05-27)

A week ago, we started the Debian systemd survey. The goal was to figure out a few trends and answer the following two questions:

Do our subjective impressions from the discussions on debian-devel reflect the general sentiment about systemd?
What are the main concerns that most people have?
Thank you all for your participation!


I am happy to tell that 2113 people had a look at the survey and 573 people actually participated. Of those, 45.7% said they are a DD, DM or otherwise maintaining packages. 74.5% said they actually booted and used a computer running systemd.

With regards to having systemd in Debian at all, not necessarily as the default init system, answers are as follows:

62.4% voted ďI welcome systemd in Debian, everything is fineĒ
14.1% are not sure yet.
8.0% donít care.
15.3% donít want systemd in Debian.
43.9% said they personally want systemd as the default init system in Debian, while 32.2% donít want that. The remaining 23.7% donít know yet.
More, including Top Concerns, at Michael Stapelbergís Debian Blog...


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