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giorgiotani 05-05-2009 02:13 AM

PeaZip 2.6 [file and archive manager]
2.6 release is targeted to a major UI update: toolbar buttons now have dropdown menu extending button's functionalities (one for all, from "extract to" button's dropdown is now possible to directly select extraction path), and "Options" toolbar button now toggles between browser and additional tabs - options, clipboard (input/output in layout composer), filters, console.
Navigation bar was made simpler with the introduction of a navigation menu which shows filesystem, user's bookmarks and recent files; a single point to show hierarchical, user-centered and usage pattern-centered views of system's resources.
In the bottom area of the application, status bar now hosts quick access buttons for most used functions (enter password, create keyfile...), and buttons to show bookmarks and history area.

85 file extensions are now supported, and icon themes and all language files were updated.

PeaZip for Linux now comes precompiled both for GTK2 and for Qt widgetset; DEB installers are now available for "i386" and "all" architecture (alternative packages: RPM, TGZ and standalone).

All downloads and changelog here:

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