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giorgiotani 05-20-2008 04:10 AM

PeaZip 2.1 released [file and archive manager]
PeaZip 2.1 (LGPLv3), desktop-neutral file and archive manager, was released yesterday.
Two the main updates for Linux users:

1) The main program's interface is now a general purpose file manager capable of browsing and searching in the filesystem as well as in archives (now supported 71 extensions grouped in 43 families).

2) It is now possible to use keyfiles for two factor authentication with all supported archive formats, enhancing security against dictionary and some forms of social engineering attacks.
Keyfiles are hashed with SHA256 and the Base64-encoded (RFC 464 hash is pre-pended to the password; this allows to not break compatibility with other applications supporting only passwords-based encryption since archives encrypted in that way can be opened simply calculating the hash and prepending it to the password.

The program is available as GTK1 and GTK2 application, as DEB, RPM and TGZ installable packages. They are x86 packages, but you can use it also on AMD64 machines (launch installer omitting architecture check).
It is available also as tar.gz portable application: dependencies are minimal so you can unpack and bring it with you to be used on any modern Linux distribution without problems.

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