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jeremy 05-28-2013 04:01 PM

New Long Term Stable Initiative (LTSI) Linux Kernel Released

LTSI Kernel Maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has released the latest version of LTSI Kernel (3.0.79-LTSI and 3.4.46-LTSI) on May 21.

The followings are the changes that have been merged for each release.

Update to 3.0.79 kernel release
New kzm9g board-specific patches
Updated documentation

Update to 3.4.46
Updated documentation
af_bus Kconfig dependancy fixed
armadillo800 patches added
Clock bugfix
USB gadget fixes
lttng bugfixes
shmobile fixes
marzen i2c and sata support added
arm smp updates
irqchip patches added

With these releases, a large amount of upstream bug/security fixes have been applied (1,368 with 3.0,79-LTSI; 944 with 3.4.46-LTSI). This should result in a dramatic reduction of in-house maintenance costs for the companies who use LTSI Kernel.

In addition to the back port of bug/security fixes, LTSI has many patch collections now that are not merged and can be very useful and easy to apply to products.
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