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asprakash 05-15-2008 09:11 AM

New born BioPuppy Linux for Bioinformatics
Hello all,
I gladly inform you that, our first beta version of BioPuppy Linux is out now. The motivation of this project is, to provide a dedicated user friendly Linux for bioinformatics people. BioPuppy is a community project for educational and learning purpose.


BioPuppy main page and download page is here,

About BioPuppy

BioPuppy OS is an electronic workbench for bio-informatics and computational biology. It has been designed to meet the needs of beginners. BioPuppy is available as a live CD cum installation CD [and in USB Pen drive] and containing all the required software to boot the computer with ready to use bio-informatics tools. BioPuppy is based of the Puppy Linux. The another objective of this BioPuppy is small in size. Our estimated size of BioPuppy is ~150MB.
BioPuppy derived from Puppy-3.01-seamonkey Linux.

Biology softwares included

Sequence Analysis Tools : Sim-4, Tigr-Glimmer 2, Genewise, Muscle, Sigma,
HMMER, Clustal-W, mafft

Structure Prediction Tools : mfold, gibbs

Protein Structure Analysis Tools : Garlic, Rasmol

Phylogenetic Analysis tools : Fast DNA, Phylip, Phylodraw

Protein Modeling : Modeller,

Docking : MGL Tools ( Autodock tools, Python Molecular Viewer (PMV), Vision)

System Biology : Copasi

On-line tools : BLAST, EMBOSS

All your feedbacks, suggestions and contributions are welcome.

asprakash 06-27-2008 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by asprakash (Post 3154096)


BioPuppy main page and download page is here,

New site has been launched for BioPuppy Linux

visit for downloading Biopuppy Linux.

asprakash 11-16-2009 04:55 AM

BioPuppy 2.0 released!
Second version of BioPuppy released!

Whats new in BioPuppy 2.0::
- Updated all the existing bioinfo tools available in the biopuppy 1.0
- Added Adun, Artemis, Gromacs, R, Bioconductor, Biofox and Biobar tools
- Added Bioinfo repository in biopuppy portal. You can download any other Bioinfo tools and install
- Updated latest Linux kernel version on Puppy Linux 4.2.1
- More user's friendly, Desktop widgets and Audio/Video plaugins
- And more. Try today. visit and try Biopuppy 2.0.

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