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Lucas M. 10-29-2012 11:43 AM

MSH Attach Filter for Postfix and Sendmail
MSH Attach Filter is a solution for Postfix and Sendmail, designed for automatic processing emails and attached files.

  • Easy to use - Configuration is done with one XML file.
  • No more scripts - Forget about scripts, debugging and testing.
  • Painless integration - Install application with one script, integration with MTA is done by standarized and mature Milter API.

  • Save stripped attachments to disk and add information to message about their new location (i.e. on FTP)
  • Compress attachments larger than specified size (skip already compressed attachments and others)
  • Remove attachments by name, type or size
  • Add new attachments
  • Reject or silently accept message with specified attachments (size, name, extension or type)
  • Limit filtering to specified range of senders and recipients

System requirements
  • Java 6+
  • Postfix 2.4+ or Sendmail 8.12+

You can find application here

Lucas M. 04-02-2013 04:10 PM

MSH Attach Filter for Postfix and Sendmail (freeware)
MSH Attach Filter 1.2 now available!

Take control over attachments for free.

What's new in this release:
  • new: advanced configuration parameters in install script
  • new: logs configuration for milter and messages
  • new: added milter_default_action=accept entry in Postfix configuration file
  • fix: when email was sent with only html mime part, plain template was added instead of html
  • fix: xml parser was reading wrong attach strip action node

Do not hesitate and save time with MSH Attach Filter.

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