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jeremy 06-27-2013 11:58 AM

Mir To Ship As Default Display Server in Ubuntu 13.10

ubuntu20for20android20video20capture20-100012626-mediumMir is to ship as the default display server in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu have today announced.

Canonicalís XServer replacement will be used to help power the Unity 7 desktop on devices with open-source graphics card drivers.

Unity 7 will run atop of XMir, an implementation of X that provides a compatibility layer that allows software, desktop environments, peripherals and multi-monitor setups designed for X to continue to work as expected.

But while Mir and XMir will be shipping in Octoberís release by default, not everyone will be able to use it.

Those with proprietary graphics card drivers installed (NVidia, ATi, etc) will instead be served with the traditional XServer windowing system as a fallback.

This fallback is necessary because, at present, GPU vendors donít provide support for Mir/XMir in their binary drivers Ė a situation expected to be resolved by the release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS next year.
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