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fatmac 06-30-2016 01:49 PM

Well now - you've been going almost as long as I have been using Linux on a daily basis - so I guess you're doing something right! :)

I don't pop in as much as I used to, mainly because I'm happy with the way I use Linux & BSD, & I am falling behind with what is going on, so I'm not able to help as much as I used to be able to.

(I'm very much used to using a command line for doing some things, & don't know the 'new' ways, that most are now using. ;) )

Bourbon 06-30-2016 02:30 PM

I don't have been reading all the posts here, hoping to be properly understand which kind of contribution (feedback) Jeremy asking, as simple LinuxQuestions Forum user I can say that the Forum itself is a great service, what possibly is wrong here is'nt fault of the Forum. I mean: especially for noobs is important to get a nice welcome. After some years of Linux experience I can say that kindness, good manners and welcome are not heritage of all distros out there. If I go looking for help to the "X" distro forum and I receive good treatment everything is fine, kudos for the forum; but if I go to the "Y" forum and specialist of that one are people mentally disturbed giving bad treatment to the noobs is'nt LinuxQuestions fault.
Yes, we have "button" to report bad behaviour, rude answers etc. but it is really working? I mean (personal experience) if I get a rude answer by a senior user (many stars, etc.) really that button works? - I don't know, because after using it I did'nt receive any news by the Forum and any apologies message by that "guru".
Simply, I stopped using LinuxQuestions, keeping the subscription because I don't have nothing against the Forum, even I understand that some people are just frustrated that's why they acting like that.
So, no problem, the Forum is good as it is right now and I take the occasion to say "thank you" to Jeremy and people keeping LinuxQuestions alive.

Best Regards

jeremy 06-30-2016 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by Bourbon (Post 5568540)
Yes, we have "button" to report bad behaviour, rude answers etc. but it is really working? I mean (personal experience) if I get a rude answer by a senior user (many stars, etc.) really that button works? - I don't know, because after using it I did'nt receive any news by the Forum and any apologies message by that "guru".

We do read each and every report, and act on the majority of them. That said, it doesn't appear you've ever used the Report button.


Bourbon 06-30-2016 03:43 PM

@Jeremy: - Thank you for your answer; I swear I have been using it once in my life, some years ago. I could indicate the thread too but don't think is important

Crippled 06-30-2016 06:18 PM

Congratulations jeremy. Happy Birthday Thanks to many of my questions have answered and helped me out a lot. Unfortunately there are some users on that give obnoxious or wiseguys responses to questions which I hope in the future the team can address more effectively. Other than that the is doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great work.

wagscat123 06-30-2016 08:32 PM

Love LQ! Happy Birthday!

RHELNCK 07-01-2016 01:02 AM

Happy Birthday!
Thank YOU Jeremyyyyy for this wonderful site..... LOVE you...

dawyda 07-01-2016 02:47 AM

Happy 16
Good 16 and a sweet one too. Looking forward to seeing it be 100.

psokolow 07-01-2016 08:26 AM

Happy Birthday!
Thank you for this forum. I "found" it a week ago, posted a question, and was rewarded with solutions to my problem within a few days.
I love the format, ease of use and friendly and concise guidance I was offered. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

Livestradamus 07-02-2016 04:06 AM

Long time member, mostly lurker...
The best forum there is: LQ!

linustalman 07-02-2016 05:23 AM

Greetings fatmac.

xode 07-14-2016 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by jeremy (Post 5566535)
I'm proud to announce that over the weekend LQ turned 16! Id like to once again thank each and every LQ member for their participation and feedback. While there is always room for improvement, that LQ has remained a friendly and welcoming place for new Linux members despite its size is a testament to the community.

To say that feedback has been absolutely critical to our success is an understatement. With that in mind, I'd like to use this thread to collect as much feedback as possible about LQ. What are we doing well and where can we improve? Where are we failing? What can we do to ensure long time members remain engaged and willing to help? What can we do to ensure new members feel welcome? What new features or sections would you like to see? What should we be doing differently? When giving your feedback, please remember that LQ will be updated to the next generation code platform, hopefully some time this year (at this point, we've put it off way too long). To get a peek at what that platform will be like, please visit Feedback on that site is very much welcome as well.

As part of our 16 year anniversary, we'll be randomly selecting 16 posts from this thread and upgrading that member to "Contributing Member" status for one year. Stay tuned, and thanks again for being a member. Together, I think we can make LQ even better.


When doing the LQ update, could you please make sure that the LQ website remains friendly to a dial up internet connection. My experience with sites that are not dial up internet friendly has been that server timeout settings are the cause of the problem most of the time. For example I still use a dial up internet connection as there is no viable broadband internet service available to me. I suspect that is the case for many other LQ users as well.

eredwood007 08-12-2016 06:44 PM

I want to Thank you for all that you do..
Hello my name is Earnest Redwood, I am still somewhat new here to this sight but for the time I have spent here, I have found nothing but fun, and success. For to this is one of the best Linux knowledge base out there. When you come to the LQ, you are not made to feel like an outsider, Just because you are excited you have question, you did not come here to get shot down or made to feel you are dumb or something else. But when you come here to LQ you meet real people, not just tech who think they know it all. Real people who remember they once where were in your shoes, and how excited they were about this thing call Linux. I am in the process of studying for my Linux+ exam so that I can get my Certification an this is the place to be if you new to the Linux World. Congratulation to you and trust and believe you are making a great impact on the lives of people who visit this site. I thank you.

rtmistler 10-25-2016 08:43 AM

Happy 16th LQ! :)

I first found LQ using web searches for Linux solutions. I'm sure many find LQ this exact same way.

You find help here. I've asked one or two very difficult questions and found help with them.

I've always liked the fact that you are subscribed to threads and you get updates when someone posts new information to them.

jain 11-03-2016 01:21 PM

Happy birthday ..

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