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jdd 09-15-2008 01:37 AM

Linux Documentation Project ask for Help
Hello :-)!

I'm sure you *know* already the Linux Documentations Project (AKA "LDP" or "tldp"). Don't see? It's the home for the HOWTOs you have in most distribution CDs! We where created in 1992 (yes!).

The ldp home is and now also

The LDP is a loose organisation, meaning we are not incorporated anywhere and work on an agreement basis obtained on our discuss list.

As time passes, the people in charge of the work need to resign and do other tasks or simply hope to some change. In 2008, a small group of users find that the HOWTO collection beging to be too old and need updates and start setting up a new LDP workflow.

This workflow is not finished, but it begins to look fine, so we can begin to ask for help.

We need of course people to update the HOWTOs, but also to help us setting the wiki, a preliminary task list is here

So if you have some time left and want to help, please come and see...

thanks a lot!

For the LDP
Jean-Daniel Dodin (jdd)

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