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craigevil 03-08-2007 12:41 AM Reviews Sidux | Sidux: A live CD for Debian unstable

Sidux: A live CD for Debian unstable

Wednesday March 07, 2007 (09:01 AM GMT)

By: Preston St. Pierre

Sidux aims to be the best Debian sid-based live CD -- and it succeeds. It offers a clean, easy hard disk install and a fast release cycle.

It's a rare distribution that impresses me before I've even tried it, but sidux did just that when, a few hours after I'd downloaded and burned a two-day-old preview release, the project announced that the next release was available for download. Clearly the sidux team intends to live up to its fast release philosophy. While I was downloading the new release I checked the forums, and found they were practically exploding with activity. That indicates a high level of popularity for a distribution that is only a few months old and has yet to reach its first final release.

DragonSlayer48DX 03-16-2007 10:16 PM

Excellent Review
When I first tried Linux, I just wanted something that worked better than Windows. Ubuntu fulfilled that desire. My only problem with Ubuntu is the fact that it doesn't retain compatibility with it's own base distro, Debian. :scratch:

While I've used other distros, and they're all great in their own way, none have warranted a good reason to change. But I will be trying Sidux when the final release becomes available.

Definitely sounds promising!


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